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Sunday Routine

I try to follow this routine every Sunday but I especially needed it yesterday after a weekend in Dallas with my girlfriends. We drank way too much, barely slept and I somehow finished an entire pizza to myself #thriving

Anyways – These 5 steps help me prepare for Monday and the week ahead.

  1. Grocery Shop 

Even though it’s the last thing I want to do, I always try to get to the grocery store on Sunday to grab the basics for the week. I’ll usually grab a few things for breakfast and some snack / lunch meals too. I’m a HUGE breakfast person and usually eat within 10 minutes of waking up. So since I work from home, I always have eggs, PB&J or Lara Bars on deck. As for dinner, I like to buy those meals the day of because I never know what I’ll be in the mood for and it’s so easy to waste food when there’s only two of you eating. Buying the basics on Sunday gives me one less thing to do during the week and makes my grocery trips a lot shorter when I do need to go.

2. Clean Sheets 

First of all, you should be washing your sheets at least once a week regardless. Pretty sure I washed my sheets once every couple of months in college…aka whenever my mom or grandma would visit and do it for me lol So making this part of your “ritual” is great because not only will your sheets actually get washed but NOTHING feels better / more relaxing than cuddling up in clean sheets.

3. Hair Treatment

Okay – I just started using this hair treatment about a month ago and I swear I can already feel / see a difference in my hair!! While my sheets are washing I’ll take about an hour to do this treatment and shower. I actually randomly grabbed the Damaged Hot Oil Treatment while at Lush. You know how it goes, you go in there for one thing and leave with 27 products that you don’t even know how to use and end up throwing away BUT this one worked in my favor. This hair mask definitely takes some time, you have to melt the product with boiling water until it turns into a paste, but it’s TOTALLY worth it! After I wash the treatment out, I always sleep with my hair damp and in a loose braid; come morning it’s smooth, shiny and fabulousss!

4. Face Mask 

Again, this started as some random product I grabbed at Lush while getting bath bombs but it has become my absolute favorite. The Mask of Magnaminty is amazing!! I only use this once a week but it’s perfect after a long weekend because it’s a bit of an exfoliant so it refreshes your skin and makes you look welllll, a little less hungover / dead than you did before lol It also has this amazing minty scent, helps reduce redness and moisturizes your skin, it basically does it all!

5. To Do List 

I had to work weekends with my previous job so I was seriously working 6 days a week and never had any time to disconnect from work. With my new job, I finally have weekends off and it’s been SO nice to focus on myself Saturday and Sunday and just have time to relax. However, come Sunday night I have no idea what’s going on the upcoming week and instead of feeling anxious / overwhelmed Monday morning I always try to take a few minutes and write down the major things I need to accomplish for the week. Sometimes that will be work tasks, personal goals or just things that I need to remind myself to do (make grooming appointment for princess, Darla). This helps me organize all of my thoughts because I’m totally the person that wakes up at 3 AM panicking when I randomly remember that I forgot to return that outfit I ordered online and now it’s too late and I’m out $85 fml.

I definitely don’t accomplish all of these every Sunday (I’m working on it). Sometimes I’m too tired to spend an hour on a hair mask and I’ll just use dry shampoo for one more day…okay, probably two or three but we’ve all been there, right?! What I do know is that when I actually take the time to get organized / prepare for the week, everything runs smoothly and I feel way less stressed. What do you do to prep for the start of your work week??

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