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Celebrating Three Years

OMG three years!!! I swear, sometimes it feels like Steve and I have already been together for ten years lol and then other times it seems like it’s only been a couple of months. We technically don’t know the actual date of our anniversary (oops) but we do know that it’s sometime in April, so we usually just pick a free weekend to celebrate.

We went to California to celebrate year one and Seattle for two so we wanted to stick with tradition and travel somewhere for each anniversary. To be completely honest though, we have been SO busy the past couple of months and I don’t want to say we forgot our anniversary lol but we definitely didn’t plan anything either.

Throwback to Seattle last year 

Our lack of planning actually turned out to be a blessing in disguise. When April rolled around we FINALLY had a weekend with nothing going on and decided to treat ourselves to a little “staycation” and celebrate our three year anniversary in Austin!

We took Darla out to the lake on Friday. This is a new thing we just started with her and, surprisingly, she loves the canoe and being on the water! After the lake we went to the park to let Darla run around a bit and headed home. We were so excited to have a free night that we decided to keep it low key and stay home. We made burgers and watched Netflix and probs passed out by 10….I definitely did lol

Saturday morning we slept in, went on a big walk to this new coffee shop and then walked through my dream neighborhood in Austin. I like to point out my fav houses to Steve and then search the price to let him know how much we need to make / save in the next couple of years to make it happen hahaha #motivation. I also should probably lower my expectations because I don’t think we’ll be moving into a seven figure priced home anytime soon. A girl can dream though!

After our walk we got ready and decided to head out a little earlier than our reservation to check out some bars we’ve been wanting to try. Steve has been wanting to take me to Justine’s for the looongggessttt time so we decided to head there. You literally have to get there before they open at 6pm because there is a line outside everyday, but after going I totally see why! It’s the cutest French restaurant with a beautiful garden and the drinks are amazing! We def gotta go back and try their food next time.

After Justine’s we headed to dinner at Eden East. We have been wanting to try this place for over a year, so we thought it’d be the perfect place to celebrate. This place is seriously amazing! They’re only open for dinner two nights a week and they’re located on a farm, so everything you eat is sooo fresh. They were also able to make GF/Egg free substitutions for every dish which was an added bonus for Steve.

All of the tables are located outside, community seating, under huge oak trees that light up at night. It’s so peaceful out there and you can walk the farm in between courses to check everything out. We walked the grounds, checked out the gardens and of course found the chickens…I want one SO bad. Well, I want like three but we don’t even have a yard lol so not happening anytime soon.

Eden East serves complimentary cocktails, but it’s also BYOB, so we came prepared with a couple bottles of wine- YAS! Every course we had was delicious and it was so cool to hear exactly which part of the farm each ingredient came from. We took our time eating and chatting and finished dinner right after the sunset. Since we still had some wine left we decided to head over to the fire pit and ended up hanging out over there for a bit. At some point, Steve took out his phone and booked a room, for the following night, at my favorite hotel in Austin…I’ll thank the wine for that one 😉

Sunday morning was a rough one for me lol I was definitely struggling from all the drinks the night before and I was #hangry while trying to pack for the hotel. On our way to the hotel I made Steve stop at my favorite deli because a sandwich from there was the only thing that was going to make me happy lol. We got to the South Congress Hotel, checked in, dropped our bags in the room and headed straight to the pool where I crushed my sandwich and then passed out for a bit…happy anniversary!

Couldn’t even drink this lol 

Sunday was actually perfect, after I got some food and sleep we enjoyed the pool, walked South Congress, did a little shopping and tried out this Italian place which was SO bomb. I surprised Steve at dinner with his anniversary gift…a half marathon trail race that we’ll BOTH be doing in October. Idk why I was feeling so generous when I signed us up for this but ya girl can barely run a mile lol sooo we’ll see how this goes. Luckily, the race is in a really cute town that has a ton of wineries so if I somehow “injure” myself before the race I can keep myself busy 😉 Steve is super excited though and has already created a training schedule for us…wooooooo! lol

After dinner we headed back to the South Congress Hotel drank some wine and caught the sunset from the rooftop deck. We finished the night with some Netflix in bed and even though we just ate dinner, for some reason, both of us were still starving. So naturally, Steve ordered a kale salad while I raided the bar for M&M’s, chips and Sour Patch lol probs not gonna be able to eat like this once we start training for the race, so I gotta get it in while I can.

Wish I could end every night like this 

Even though we didn’t put too much planning into our weekend it was the perfect way to celebrate three years! We had so much fun exploring our city, trying new spots and just spending some one-on-one time together. CAN’T WAIT TO CELEBRATE 600 MORE YEARS WITH YOU!!!

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