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48 Hours in San Antonio

A few weeks ago we celebrated Steve’s 25th birthday and it’s always been our little tradition to plan a trip as a way to celebrate. I was going back and forth between a few cities but after all of the house stuff only a month before none of them were really in our budget. I was bummed and didn’t want to break tradition but didn’t think I could find anything within our price range. After doing a bit of research, I decided on San Antonio because not only is it close to Austin but this city is booming right now, the food scene is out of control and the Airbnb’s were all decently priced.

I was able to find this adorable Airbnb for only $87 a night and it was in the perfect location. From there, I pretty much planned out our entire itinerary, even though we weren’t traveling far I wanted it to feel like a fun “trip” for Steve. We drove down on Friday afternoon and stopped for Puffy Tacos, apparently this is a huge thing in San Antonio that you HAVE to try…I wasn’t too sure about it but everyone raved about the tacos. We stopped at Henry’s Puffy Tacos to give them a try and OMG it was amazing!! A puffy taco is basically a deep fried corn tortilla but it’s not greasy or heavy, it was light and fluffy and delicious, great start to the trip.

I told the waitress it was Steve’s bday so they would embarrass him;)

After downing a few margs we headed to our Airbnb which was even cuter than the pictures online. I decided to fill Steve in on what I had planned for that night, a San Antonio Rampage Hockey game! You guys, finding these tickets was HUGE because not only were they super cheap (YAS) but Steve and I have been dying to go to a sports game since there are no teams in Austin.

Before we headed to the game we went to The Pearl District to have dinner at the Bottling Department Food Hall. I was obsessing over this place for so long and think it’s such a fun idea! When we were traveling through Europe there were tons of food halls and it’s nice because you can go with a large group and everyone can get what they want to eat. The Bottling Department had about 6 different options and Steve and I ended up getting Bud’s Southern Rotisserie Chicken that was ammaazzinnggg.

The next morning, after the hockey game, I had a big outdoor activity planned. In San Antonio there are tons of old missions and a bike trail that takes you to all of them. We rented the city bikes from B-Cycle and biked to each of the missions which were SO beautiful! It’s crazy to see something so historic and massive in the middle of a field in San Antonio.

Mission Concepcion

After biking a few miles we were STARVING and headed to the Historic Market Square. This is one of the largest Mexican markets in the country and the vibe is so fun. They have music, street food, crafts for sale and Michelada stands every couple of feet, not exaggerating.

Obviously had to get Elotes and tacos 

Afterwards, we went home to get ready for our night. I tried suuppeerr hard to stay on a tight budget for this trip but I still wanted to do something special for Steve’s birthday so I booked a reservation at this amazing restaurant called Signature. This place was magical! It’s actually part of the La Cantera Resort and Spa so the views are out of control. When you first arrive the staff is so friendly and the inside of the restaurant is warm and welcoming with an open-kitchen vibe. They also have the cutest patio and herb garden out back, perfect spot for a pre-dinner cocktail 😉

After sticking to a strict budget for majority of the weekend I think Steve and I got a little excited at dinner and balled out lol we ordered We started with the charcuterie board because I was hungry AF and needed something quick then we had the gold leaf risotto…like I said we got a little excited.

I kept singing “gold all in my risotto” lol

For our main dishes I ordered the Venison which had these amazing potatoes and Steve ordered the fish special. Both of these dishes were amazing but the best part was the dessert! Poor Steve, being allergic to both gluten and eggs he seriously cannot have any desserts besides sorbet (gross lol) so naturally, I had to eat enough for both of us.

I ordered this dessert called the Hong Kong-Style Sundae which is basically a bowl of macaroons, ice cream, fruit, mini donuts and THEN it’s topped with a huge piece of hot pink cotton candy, like all of my favorite things in one dish!

In the morning, we wanted stop and grab breakfast before heading back to Austin. We had to get back decently early because I make Steve a homemade GF/Egg free cake every year for his birthday and needed to get started so we could have it that night. One last place on my list was Supper at Hotel Emma. First of all – this hotel was gorgeous!! I would love to stay here next time we visit San Antonio. It’s right in the Pearl District and is also on the water so you have amazing views everywhere you look! The food was delicious, they have something called the Millionaire’s Bacon soooo that should get you there no matter what lol

Peep the bacon that changed my life 

Even though we didn’t go to some far away city and stay at a luxurious hotel we had an absolute blast in San Antonio celebrating Steve’s birthday. We’ll definitely be back soon!

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